Digital Democracy Day 2018 - Crowdsourcing EU Legislation: Taking Decisions With EU Citizens and Not For Them

  1. The fourth annual Digital Democracy Day - Crowdsourcing EU Legislation:Taking Decisions With EU Citizens and Not For Them! - represented the final conference of the EUCrowd project, a partnership between ECAS and seven other organisations aimed at exploring and testing out different ways of engaging citizens in the EU’s democratic life.
  2. The purpose of the conference was to evaluate national examples of crowdsourcing practices and propose several concrete solutions for the establishment of a crowdsourcing pilot at EU level.
  3. Over 70 participants from 20 different countries took part in the conference and the event has been viewed over 1,000 times online.
  4. Gilles Pelayo opened the conference by introducing the Europe for Citizens Programme. He confirmed that the EUCrowd project has been supported by the European Commission because one of its objectives is to increase citizens’ understanding of, and participation in, the EU policy-making process.
  5. Executive Director of INePA Simon Delakorda chaired the first panel. He underlined that tools of e-participation are present throughout the EU institutions and crowdsourcing represents a new and effective mechanism for generating multiple democratic benefits. He also introduced the Crowdsourcing Knowledge Centre.
  6. National experiences with crowdsourcing were shared by some of the members of the EUCROWD project
  7. Imants Breidaks, Director at ManaBalss, focused his speech on the Latvian national crowdsourcing platform called Manabalss (My Voice), introducing the successful platform and the challenges that need to be overcome.
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