Meyerland Flood Plains

In May of 2015, the community of Meyerland received 15-20 inches of rain that flooded many houses and completely destroyed others.

  1. Memorial Day Weekend 2015

  2. Above is an image of houses damaged in the 2015 Memorial Day flood in Meyerland. Red Pins = home experience major damage; orange pins = home experienced minor damage; yellow pin = home was "affected" by floods. All this flood damage to the Houston community made homeowners seek 10.5 million dollars in aid.

  3. Fast Forward 2016 . . .

  4. Less than a year later, storms brought severe flooding to the people of Meyerland, again.
  5. Mayor Sylvester Turner reached out to flood victims of Meyerland amidst the horrible reoccurring situation.
  6. People who had just rebuilt form the previous years flood, saw all of their hard work and money go to waste.
  7. Meyerland resident describes flood frustration from Memorial Day 2015, #TaxDay 2016 storms
  8. The Price of Rebuilding

  9. The residents of Meyerland looked to quickly cleanup what was left of their homes and salvage in keepsakes not destroyed by water.
  10. The amount of flooding which, the Meyerland area experienced, was well over the 100-year floodplain predictions. This is astonishing as the 100 year floodplain prediction is an estimate of the amount of precipitation a storm can produce annually that has a 1% chance of happening. This lead professors at Rice University in Houston, Texas such as Dr. Philip B. Bedient to do case studies (listed below) on the phenomenon.
  11. "The Meyerland area experienced between 8-10 in of precipitation during the storm event, which led to high runoff into the Bayou and subsequent over-banking."

  12. Could this all have been avoided?

  13. In a Houston Press article by Steve Jansen, Jansen explains how the whole entire Memorial Day flood of Meyerland could've been avoided. All that was need was for Harris County to complete Project Brays oppose to delay it by eight years.
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