Visualizing Venice: The Biennale & The City

Visualizing Venice 2015 digital art history workshop for emerging scholars from around the world #VisualizingVenice | @VisualizingVenice | @dukewired | |

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  3. DAY 1: Intro | History of the Biennale di Venezia + Tour of the Biennale

  4. What better way to start our two-week workshop than a tour of the Venice Biennale and a vivid history of the Biennale. Follow along here or on Twitter at #VisualizingVenice!
  5. We were thrilled to receive an excellent tour from this Biennale staff member. He was very detailed in his explication of works in the curated exhibit. Chiara followed up with a tour of some of the countries' pavilions, during which we discussed the political nature of the pavilions' architecture: the remnants of fascism, attempts to erase unsavory pasts, and current political statements being made at the 2015 Biennale with permanent and temporary modifications to the pavilions' exteriors.

  6. DAY 2: Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Omeka) + 3D Modeling (SketchUp)

  7. We spent today setting up our Wordpress blog, learning how to create Omeka Collections & Exhibits, and beginning our first 3D modeling project: constructing in SketchUp the original design for the #biennaledivenizia's Austrian Pavilion. All in all, an action-packed day!
  8. What does an online exhibit look like? How might we use Omeka to curate exhibitions on the Biennale, present or past? What kind of flexibility is there with how we choose to classify Items? These are just some of the questions we examined as we familiarized ourselves with the Omeka platform.
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