1. You were arrested...put in handcuffs, taken before a judge, bail was set...the whole process is devastating. Or, maybe this happened to a close family member. Visit - HoustonCriminalAttorney.US
  2. No matter what you were charged with, it is important to consider two things...
  3. (1) You should never face the Texas Criminal "Justice" System Alone.
  4. (2) Not everyone who is accused of a crime is guilty, and competent legal defense can help you beat the case.
  6. Affordable Criminal Lawyers in Houston, Texas

  7. One of the main concerns of any defendant in Texas, is "How will I afford a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for my legal rights?" While you may be facing jail time, monetary penalties, and the loss of a job, it can be very disturbing to now have to consider the high cost of legal representation. The best thing to do in this situation is to call an attorney who offers free initial consultations. You can discuss your options, the pending charges, and most attorneys will be able to give you a ballpark figure of expected legal fees.
  8. What Happens After A Mistrial - Grounds For Dismissal?
  9. Expunction Texas | Houston Expungement Lawyer | Cost & Timeline
  10. Tampering With Evidence Texas | Misdemeanor or Felony?
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