#UmbrellaMovement: December 2014 in Hong Kong

During a teaching trip to Hong Kong, from 6 to 14 December 2014, I spent some time at the 'Umbrella Movement' protest camps. The main camp was at Admiralty, with a smaller camp in the Causeway Bay area. These tweets are from that week.

  1. The Admiralty camp sprawled across an eight lane highway, with office buildings and shopping malls on one side, and the city's government building and policy headquarters on the other. It took over a stretch of road about a mile long. (This storify is also hosted on my blog.)
  2. Over the course of the week there was a lot of social media activity, using #UmbrellaMovement and #OccupyHK to continue the conversation.
  3. On the Tuesday I found myself accompanying court appointed officials as they gaffer taped the eviction notices to the various barricades. This gave the protesters about 48 hours to respond, which most did by packing up their tents and slowly leaving the space on the Thursday. That was after a rousing Wednesday evening, with speeches, songs, warmth between everyone who was in the camp and an air of optimism.
  4. Thursday was a busy day. In the morning very relaxed, with an 'end of festival' atmosphere. I popped back at lunch time, then again in the evening.
  5. During the Thursday evening a dance of sort ensued, between riot police, protesters, hangers-on and folk like me getting in the way. I kept up a conversation with some academics who were back in Scotland.
  6. Some have written work on 'events as protest'.
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