1. Q1: What are some of your 2018 marketing goals?
  2. Q2: What is it that gets in the way of achieving your marketing goals?
  3. Q3: When we think of opportunities how can business balance between short-term needs and long-term goals?
  4. Q4:What’s the relationship between marketing goals and marketing opportunities?
  5. Q5: How would you go about prioritizing your marketing opportunities?
  6. Q6: What is the role of people (and new skills) in the optimization of opportunities?
  7. Q7: There is so much marketing overload! What’s the best way for #SMBs to simplify and focus?
  8. Q8: What is the best way to adopt marketing technologies?
  9. Q9: “SQUIRREL”! What are your tips for staying focused and in the face of shiny objects?
  10. Q10: What are some low-cost actions that SMBs can take right now?
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