How to Profit from Your Purpose

Companies with a purpose driven business return 6x more than those who don’t. Is it time to find, feature and profit from your purpose? Follow these strategies.

  1. Q1: What does it mean to run a purpose driven business?
  2. Q2: Would you pay MORE for a product or service if it were sold by a purpose driven business? Why or why not?
  3. Q3: In what ways is a purpose driven business different from a profit-driven business?
  4. Q4: Is every business purpose driven in some way? Why or Why not?
  5. Q5: What’s the difference between a purpose statement and a mission statement?
  6. Q6: What role do values play in building a successful business?
  7. Q7: How might a profit-driven company make the transition to a purpose driven company?
  8. Q8: What are some communications elements or tools that you can use to communicate your purpose to your market?
  9. Q9: What type of company would you rather work for any why? Purpose driven or profit driven?
  10. Q10: Do you think we are trending toward more socially conscious enterprises or less? Why?
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