How to Make Your Business Permanently Profitable

Did your business make money this year? Hundreds of thousands of businesses don’t -- in fact each year something like 700,000 business close their doors because they simply didn’t make enough money. Now -- what if I told you that this doesn’t have to happen to YOUR business. In fact, there’s a way to make your business “Permanently Profitable” and it’s not magic - it’s not an accounting trick - it’s SO INSANELY easy that when you hear how it’s done - you’re going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner. I’ve been doing this for the last few years and I can tell you the results are MAGICAL (I’ll even admit that I haven’t been following the program 100%) I’ve only really done this ONE thing and it’s made a huge difference for me and it will make a huge difference for you too. You’re salivating RIGHT? Well, it’s time to meet the man behind the magic -- my friend, best selling author and frequent expert on MSNBC -- Mike Michalowicz

  1. This is one of those chats where you have to really watch the video because it's LOADED with helpful tips, entertaining banter and additional info you won't find in the Tweets.
  2. Q1: Why did you start your business?
  3. Q2: What role does money play in running a business?
  4. Q3: Where do you put more focus in running your business; generating more customers or more profit?
  5. Q4: What’s the difference between “making money” “keeping money” and “taking money”
  6. Q5: We throw around the word “profit” what does “being profitable” mean to you?
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