Who broke Moyes? (updated)

So Moyes has gone. But does, as some have claimed, this mark another first for twitter? Like him, loathe sport, I think the whole thing offers an interesting case study to ponder for journalists of all genres

  1. At 8:30 this morning, Man UTD. Tweeted that David Moyes was leaving as manager - something speculated endlessly on for the last few months
  2. BREAKING: Manchester United announces that David Moyes has left the club. (part 1 of 2) #mufc
  3. It was something that many (nearly 49,000 retweets at the time I put this together) picked up on including journalist (and twitter legend) Neal Mann.
  4. Man United confirms on Twitter that David Moyes has been sacked t.co/T3fYqKQ6Rz
  5. adding that...
  6. Interesting to see @ManUtd dropping the news of Moyes sacking first on Twitter
  7. It's debatable whether it actually did 'drop' on twitter first other than the matter of seconds it took for the Man Utd website to update. The official Man UTD site updated at the same time as the tweet, 8:30, with a short statement.
  8. "Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the Club.

    The Club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.

  9. Almost perfect fit for the two tweets it sent...which is worth considering in terms of how the press release was put together and, for me, suggests a very well planned, automated push out of the message across all platforms. 
  10. Although Facebook seemed a little slower (ignore the time on the grab below, that's when I grabbed it) the timestamp on Facebook suggests a posting time around 8:40. 
  11. Manchester United has announced that David Moyes
    Manchester United has announced that David Moyes
  12. Within the journalism twittersphere the usual fast and loose use of the word 'breaking' became part of the conversation. With Radio 4's Today programme claiming the scalp 
  13. BREAKING NEWS: Our sport presenter Garry Richardson exclusively broke the news earlier that Moyes has left @ManUtd #r4today
  14. This was the tweet. 5 minutes before the news 'dropped' on twitter and about 20 minutes after the general speculation, (as well as a note on the wires that kept John Humphreys' twitter doesn't count attitude at bay!)
  15. David Moyes is to leave his post as Manchester United manager #r4today http://t.co/pMFAxxlSkS
    David Moyes is to leave his post as Manchester United manager #r4today t.co/pMFAxxlSkS
  16. Yesterdays news

  17. This was, too many on Twitter, academic. It was old news, broken the day before by a trio of journalists 
  18. And newspaper people were happy to warn against buying into the hype. 
  19. @DewiPowell the idea that Twitter leads the way on these things. Newspapers had it 24 hours before.
  20. In fact twitter had nothing to do with it:
  21. Perhaps it's just me reading a slightly grumpy tone to that tweet. (the responses to that tweet are worth a look)
  22. But who did have it first (on twitter at least). The general consensus has it that a trio of journos all got the sacked story on twitter around the same time. 
  23. David Moyes is set to be Sacked as manager of Manchester United. (Source: Mail, Guardian & Telegraph)
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