The Sedona Conference 2016-A day in Tweets:

  1. The opening panel, featuring Honorary Craig B. Shaffer, U.S. Magistrate Judge, District of Colorado, Denver, provided a historical perspective of the recent FRCP changes. Judge Shaffer alongside other veteran legal professionals also outlined the five-year process that incurred the amendments.
  2. Proportionality, a significant driver in the FRCP amendments, was also a conversation driver at #TSCI16.
  3. While issues of proportionality and spoliation were conversation starters, the Jumpstart Outline session is and continues to be one of the most attended panels at the conference. The ever-changing eDiscovery arena dictates the panels popularity, as the best practices and practical advice offered in this panel continue to hold great value to veteran and novice litigation participants.
  4. For many, the day ended with a late, sunny lunch in the beautiful Sand Diego weather, offering those in attendance a great opportunity to network and continue discussions on eDiscovery.
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