Are Real Estate Agent Websites Part Of Eric Schmidt's "Cesspool"?

Google has seemed to take an even more dim view of local agents, giving them even less visibility in 2014

  1. Google Just Loves A Big Brand!
    In 2008, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO opined the Internet is a cesspool of misinformation and brands clean up the cesspool. That’s why websites like Zillow seem to get away with breaking every rule while you could be body-slammed by Google for 8% anchor text for your market terms.

    Who Did Google Call A Cesspool?
    Google obviously gives a lot of preference to those guys. Not you. They’ve classified the local real estate agent (you) as the “cesspool” and the aggregators as brands. The brands’ pages rank even when they have zero links to an individual page. Their advantage is domain authority and that comes from millions of links pointed via various link schemes like giving away widgets, tools and whole websites. Corporate level authority, thanks to Google is nearly unbeatable.

    While Google has been busy building a super-empire on the backs of real estate agents, they’ve diminished your visibility online. It’s the local real estate agent who walks the miles in neighborhoods deals with every customer... the SEO article
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