Occupy Oakland Move-In Day: March, Protest, Arrests

Occupy Oakland launched an attempt to take over a vacant building in Oakland as a meeting place and social center. Police blocked the attempt and used teargas to move marchers back across downtown. A second attempt to march in downtown led to a mass arrest at the downtown YMCA.

  1. 12:10 a.m. PST Sunday: I'm getting ready to wrap up this account of the Move-In Day protests. Latest word I've heard, by way of listening in on OakFoSho's video stream, is that about 60 people remain to be processed from the arrests outside the YMCA at 24th and Broadway. It doesn't appear we're near a final count on the number of people taken into custody. The Associated Press has reported 300. 

    Note that Occupy Oakland has scheduled a full day of activities tomorrow that were originally set to coincide with its planned takeover of a vacant building in the city. Occupy says events will now take place at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza. 

  2. Below: First of a series of seven videos shot and uploaded by Justin Beck, who teaches in San Francisco State's journalism department.
  3. Occupy Oakland Move-In Day Part 1 of 7 - recorded live on 1/28/12 at 12:08 PM PST
  4. Below: KGO raw video of police confrontation with protesters this afternoon.
  5. *RAW VIDEO* - Occupy Oakland - Police Tear Gas Protesters Again (Jan 28th, 2012)
  6. Below: OakFoSho's livestream of continuing arrests at Occupy Oakland protest. 
  7. Below: From journalists arrested during this evening's mass detention outside the Oakland YMCA. First, KGO-AM's Kristin Hanes:

  8. Next arrested journalist we'll hear from: Susie Cagle:
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