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Below is a description of current articles, books and writings attributed to Heather Buen. Contact her via her website: heatherbuen.com/contactme

  1. Heather's freelance career runs the gamut of web content development, articles and book chapters. She is currently working on a a young adult serial novel and self-empowerment nonfiction books for reinventing lifestyles. Topics of expertise include: Business, Marketing, Social Media, Lifestyle, Travel, and Health. Her passion is in client consulting and life coaching. Below are outlets and associations that Heather has written for and is a member of.
  2. 1) Dallas Single Mom - the lifestyle blog Introducing her blog, Dallas Single Mom. Garnering a little over 16,000 Pageviews and a Social media reach over over 35,000 it is no wonder that Heather has amassed so much knowledge regarding social media, marketing, and engaging with people. She also works with a ton of brands and you can see the latest on her media kit for all of her stats and connections. Her blog, Dallas Single Mom is one of the top mom blogs in Texas and she is a top local blogger in Dallas/Fort Worth as well as featured in GenPink with a favorite Dallas blog post.
  3. She was also featured on Today.com due to her popular blog and for her advice for single moms on celebrating Mother's Day
  4. 2) Article Writing - When she is not blogging she is also writing at places like CBS, AXS.com, CW33 and LocalPOV. In the past she has contributed to Examiner.com, Collective Bias, Care.com and Family Rambling.
  5. 3. Automotive Writing - Heather has written articles regarding cars and vehicles for the family and is a member of the Texas Auto Writer's Association.
  6. 4. Book - Don't Fall Down the Rabbit Hole - The Blogger's Free ebook. In addition she has contributed to the Collective Bias blog.
  7. 5. Heather has written about parenting on Care.com.
  8. 6. Heather is also a part of many organizations.
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