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  3. War in Libya: why have the rival governments so far rejected the UN peace deal?
  4. Libya’s divided government and fractious militias are tearing the country apart. The UN-brokered peace accord signed on Thursday is not likely to improve the situation. In interviews with France24 and Al Jazeera, Senior Libya Analyst Claudia Gazzini explains why the deal lacks domestic support. North Africa Project Director Issandr El Amrani looks at the fundamental role of Libya’s oil resources in the conflict. President & CEO Jean-Marie Guéhenno explains with Emma Bonino why the UN Deal is full of shortcomings that won’t allow the new government to survive. And our statement outlines steps that could advance a broader consensus.





  9. War in Libya: why have the rival governments so far rejected the UN peace deal?

    Claudia Gazzini, Senior Libya Analyst, explains on France24 why the leaders of Libya's rival parliaments oppose the UN-brokered peace deal and why an implementation of the deal is likely to increase Libya's institutional chaos. (17 December)
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