5 Reasons Why It’sNot a Good Time to Join the US Military!

by Jeremy Griffith The American Millennium Online

  1. A co-worker of mine who is also a veteran told me his sonwas thinking about joining the Marines, quite an honorable thing for a youngman to do. I told him it probably wasn’t a good time to join, but I didn’t givehim a reason why. After some thought, I’ve come up with at least five reasonswhy now is not the time to join any branch of the US military.

  2. Tone Deaf Leadership: the Obama administration is quite tonedeaf when it comes to the reasons why the US Military exists. They have no ideawhat the military is there for and they don’t respect the people who serve.There is a photo taken by one of the news services, possibly AP, that perfectlyillustrates this point. At one point President Barack Obama was giving a speechin the Rose Garden. It was drizzling a little bit and the president was indanger of getting wet. Instead of having a staffer get him an umbrella, orrescheduling the news conference, the president decided it was a good idea tohave a US Marine hold his umbrella for him for the duration of the speech.

    Mr. President, the Marines at the White House are not thereas your servants. They are there to protect you life, not your suit.

    Instead of respecting the military, building it up withqualified personnel with the proper training and equipment, the Obamaadministration treats the military as some kind of weird social experiment.They allow gays to be members of the military. Themilitary is being dangerously reduced in size and is being pulled back fromplaces of US interest abroad, leaving us incredibly vulnerable.
  3. Marine Court-Martialed for Displaying Bible Verse
  4. No Respect for Christians or men and women of character in Uniform: Thisadministration has chosen to kick out a US Marine from her post because sheposted a Bible Verse on her computer at her work station. She was kicked out ofthe Marine Corps and her appeal rights have been denied despite Freedom ofSpeech lawyers taking up her case. Similarly, the US Army Special Forces havedismissed two of their own for confronting and striking an officer of theAfghan Police after it was discovered that that officer had repeatedly raped ayoung boy in his living quarters on post and had the boy’s mother beaten whenshe tried to intervene. The rights of the Special Forces operators, one captainand one sergeant first class, to remain in the unit have been denied. ClearlyBarack Obama has no respect for Christians or Soldier Leaders of high moralcharacter.
  5. Senator wants FBI to review VA scandal
  6. Disrespect and mistrust for Veterans: The President’s and hisadministration’s disrespect extend beyond an umbrella wielding Marine. He hassaluted Marines at Marine One with a Mocha in his hand. His appointees havefailed to fix the VA; have failed to raise a finger to fix the VA; has failedto fire one employee responsible for the failure of the VA. Obama doesn’t careabout the VA, about the veterans mysteriously disappeared off the appointmentschedule. He has not launched any investigation into the 22 suicide deaths a dayamongst veteran ranks. Doesn’t care about the veterans who have died waitingfor care that they are entitled too at the VA. Instead, the president hasraided funds meant for the Veterans Administration and promised to use it tohelp illegal aliens, depriving people who have earned their entitlementsfighting America’s wars, and giving it to people who violate our immigrationlaws.

    The president puts retired veterans on a special list, notone held at the VA. The president and his people think that the US combatveteran is the most likely in his mind to become a domestic terrorist, evenabove the radical Islamists who have already come here and committed acts ofviolence here.

    We know the president fights for the things he cares for.When it comes to making changes at the VA, he talks a good game, but doesnothing. When it comes to the defunding of the abortion mills of PlannedParenthood, he threatens veto and a shut down of the whole government just tokeep a private abortion mill open for business. That should tell you somethingabout what the president values.
  7. Embrace of Dangerous Enemies over Trusted and Proven Allies: Thepresident doesn’t listen to military advisors. Instead he downsizes themilitary, removes defensive missiles from Europe, and allows Russia to runroughshod over the Middle East. He is intent on a deal embracing Iran that willguarantee them a nuclear weapon in 10 years or less. He embraces radical Islamwhile at the same time snubbing America’s greatest ally, Israel. There is eventalk that the president will station US Navy aircraft carriers in the MiddleEast and will use those assets to punish Israel if Israel bombs nuclear sitesin Iran. Barack’s dangerous friendship with the enemies of the US and thesnubbing of our friends will eventually lead us to another war there, this timeon the side of people who want to kill us and opposing allies who have alwaysup to this point shared our democratic values.

    The president is willing to arm dangerous rebels in placeslike Libya and Syria, and is willing to sacrifice the lives of his own StateDepartment when those same-armed rebels endanger them. That is what theBenghazi hearings are about, not Hillary Clinton’s emails. Ambassador ChrisStevens died along with three former Special Forces Operators because BarackObama had them there on an unknown mission and refused to give them propermilitary protection necessary to save their lives. When their lives were indeedthreatened, Barack and Hillary turned a blind eye to their pleas of help andarrested an innocent man who created an anti-Islam You Tube video that onlythree people saw prior to the Benghazi attack. What was Chris Stevens there forin the first place? Probably he was there to ask politely if the rebels armedby Barack would kindly give the bullets and weapons back to the US. They saidno in the biggest way possible, they murdered our ambassador and the people whodared protect him.
  8. Obama on Controversial Iran Nuclear Deal
  9. Syrian Rebels Using American BGM-71-TOW Anti Tank Guided Missiles
  10. These Are the Rebels Obama Wants to Arm In Syria!
  11. Policies that Hamper the Proper Defense of the Nation: When itcomes to the national defense, the president doesn’t have a clue. He is willingto invite hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, mostly militaryaged men, to enter our country, but he will not allow any Christians or Yazidisto come here, even after many of them have been displaced and slaughtered inIraq. The president allows the country to have an open border where thousandsof illegal aliens cross over every day. He allows and even endorses sanctuarycities, which are now under siege by criminal aliens who rape and murdercitizens as well as commit other crimes against our society.

    The president is allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon, andhis absence from the Middle East has left a vacuum of influence that VladimirPutin’s Russia is all to happy to fill. All of this and much more leave theUnited States vulnerable to terrorism, even nuclear terrorism in the nearfuture. That is his legacy.

    And unfortunately it is unlikely to change. Hillary Clintonis the front-runner of the current presidential candidates for 2016 and willlikely be the next president. Under a Hillary Clinton administration, theaforementioned facts are unlikely to change. She is a fellow traveler withBarack Obama and served in his administration. She lost $6 million of StateDepartment funds under her watch that mysteriously disappeared, and she ignoredChris Stevens’ pleas for help after she sent him there to retrieve weapons andammo from dangerous Islamic rebels.

    Hillary this week has been seen testifying before the HouseCommittee for the Benghazi investigation, laughing and cackling hysterically atthe very serious questions posed to her about four dead Americans. She believesnobody cares about her illegal and secret Internet server she kept in herbathroom specifically do deny public scrutiny of her emails and StateDepartment documents subject to FOIA requests or proper review by the US Congress.Remember that former four-star general David Petreaus was similarly prosecutedand removed as CIA director for merely mishandling classified documents.Hillary deliberately set up the server specifically to prevent the scrutiny ofher political opponents into her business related State Department emails,which is against the law.

    But as some have already pointed out, the president won’tprosecute, so Hillary will get off scott free, clearing the way for her to bethe next president of the United States. It’s ironic that a fellow democrat kickedthis same Hillary Clinton off the Nixon investigation for unethical and illegalbehavior. They knew about her then, we know about her now, but that won’tchange anything.

    If Hillary Clinton becomes the next commander in chief, youcan bet that it will continue to be a bad time for the US Militaryservicemember. For these and other reasons, I would unhappily advise everyone Iknow to steer clear from plans to join one of those esteemed branches for theforeseeable future.
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