Connect:ID 2016: Day 1

All the breaking news from day one at connect:ID 2016

  1. 6.08 Vemury: I hope that technology continously improves. Nothing is being ruled out.
  2. 6.06: Hardin: The ITI acquisition will have some continuing pilots..
  3. 6.04 Hardin: Land is really daunting prospect, because of sheer number of people, goods carried.
  4. 6.03 Hardin giving detail on Otay Mesa facial and iris capture exit solution. Averaging process of 3500 pedestrians per day.
  5. 6.00pm Hardin: Mobile biometric exit solution (BE mobile) was staff heavy, would suit small airports...But had some very good results including criminal hits, or entrance without inspection.
  6. 5.58 Hardin: face is weaker than fingerprint in really nailing a match....but is a great tool for officers as shown by pilots
  7. 5.56pm Michael Hardin, Deputy Director, CBP Entry/Exit Transformation Office to explain the operational implications of the AEER project.
  8. 5.54pm Grother: Video analytics can have poor exit confirmation due to duration in view, lack of visual attractor, and factors such as hats and cellphones. It also had accuracy below the 97% congressional requirement. Biometric recognition processing duration is x100 slower...
  9. 5.49pm Grother: However, video data is larger than fingerprints or iris; algorithm selection is critical, and this is dependent on high quality enrollment sample from entry, visa or passport image
  10. 5.47pm Grother: add face passively adds zero delay over existing process. There is also no explicit connection needed between airline and DHS systems
  11. 5.44pm The IBIA has made an important announcement on biometric entry-exit
  12. 5.39pm Patrick Grother, Computer Scientist, NationalInstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST),Department of Commerce, to explain passive face recognition for immigration exit
  13. 5.36 Sirotin: On takeaways, fingerprint devices should communicate which finger to use, visual cures should be present at time of use... On non-contact - reduce the need for learning a new movement
  14. 5.30pm Face and Iris with an operator performed best at entry
  15. 5.28 Brilliant insight into how the testers approached biometric evaluation for the AEER initatives...
  16. 5.25: Sirotin: While most transactions were effective and efficient, some were slow and resulted in failure
  17. 5.24: Sirotin: Usability impacted on performance in the AEER testing.
  18. 5.23 Yevgeniy Sirotin, Lead Human FactorsScientist, covering usability challenges for biometrics in self-service
  19. 5.06 Hasselgren: We weren't evaluating devices, but the scenarios in which they were placed...
  20. 5.05pm Jacob Hasselgren, Test Director, Scitor speaks on evaluating biometric exit concepts
  21. 5.04pm An interesting graphic presented by Vemury on their testing process:
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