connect:ID 2016: Day two

All the action as it unfolds on day two of the next-generation identity event....

  1. 5.18pm Fascinating panel discussion on privacy settings and in particular related to IOT and wearable tech
  2. 4.56pm IOT Privacy panel: Caitlin Newark, Senior Consultant, Cyber,SIGINT, & Identity Discovery (CS&ID), Novetta,USA says it is important to understand the minute detail of what is being collected
  3. 4.54pm TRAVEL ALERT: The DC metro is set to close for 24 hrs
  4. 4.53pm The changes are evolutionary and revolutionary: Brian Dewitt, Vice President, Division Counsel,Qualcomm, USA
  5. 4.52pm "no matter where you go and what you do, devices are collecting your data"
  6. 4.45pm Onto the Mobile devices, wearables, IOT: Privacy and security considerations track - again privacy is being covered incredibly well by the sessions.
  7. 4.10pm The German eiD card uses unobservability.
  8. 4.09pm These schemes intend to embed privacy in government's online interactions with citizens...
  9. 4.06pm Unlinkability could be an important step for American privacy... It must be realised that privacy costs money
  10. 4.02pm Rosner: The US and UK want egovernment but not ID cards, so have chosen federated identity.
  11. 4.01pm Rosner: There is a debate in privacy circles about whether we should worry about collection versus use...
  12. 3.59pm Gilad Rosner, Founder, Internet of Things PrivacyForum, Visiting Researcher at Horizon DigitalEconomy Research Institute, Member of the UKCabinet Office Privacy and Consumer AdvisoryGroup speaking on citizen identity initiatives...
  13. 3.49pm DiFraia: Lets be sharp about data and protect it...
  14. 3.48pm Mark DiFraia, Senior Director of MarketDevelopment, MorphoTrust, is revealing insight into eID pilots with Georgia
  15. 3.43pm Garcia: We need meaningful performance measurement to avoid a race to the bottom in cybersecurity...
  16. 3.42pm Garcia: We should not reveal more information than we have to.
  17. 3.37pm Garcia: Eliminate what you dont need because it costs money and impacts on the user experience.
  18. 3.36pm Garcia: Not all identity solutions for the govt need to have been developed by the government.
  19. 3.34pm Garcia: We think of the govt as a purveyor of identity, yet it isnt an expert on it.
  20. 3.31pm Great guest appearance by Deputy Director, NSTIC, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Mike Garcia in the session on Identity and cybersecurity: Ensuring reliability and building trust in today’s digitally connected world.
  21. 3.27pm Apologies for the break in our liveblog - we were in the exhibition seeing some amazing technologies..
  22. 10.44am Hall: If identity providers are going to have revenue stream they must be liable for anything that goes wrong. But the govt plays a big role in underwriting that.
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