1. Photo credit: Tampa Police Department via AP
  2. 1. Donaldson, 24, is facing four charges of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths. According to WFTV, four people have been shot and killed in the Seminole Heights neighborhood since Oct. 9.
  3. 2. He was detained Tuesday afternoon at his place of employment, a McDonald's in Ybor City, investigators said.

    A co-worker approached an officer who was at the restaurant after Donaldson handed the co-worker a bag with a gun in it, according to authorities.

    Donaldson told the co-worker that he planned to leave the state and left the restaurant, but he returned a short while later and was arrested, WFTV reported.
  4. 3. Donaldson seemed "fine" when investigators interviewed him, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said Wednesday.

    "He seemed fine to me, which is a strange answer for me to give, because why is he out murdering people?" Dugan said, according to CNN. "He seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing and what was going on. He was very much aware of where he was and what he was doing."

    Dugan added that Donaldson "was friendly and nice to the cops, but he didn't give us anything. He didn't tell us why he was doing it or anything like that," CNN reported.

    Former classmates and neighbors also described Donaldson as friendly.

    "He is the most quiet, polite young man," neighbor Tony Estevez told CNN. "I've never seen him say a bad word."
  5. 4. Detectives have not determined Donaldson's connection to Seminole Heights. They also have not established a motive, police said.
  6. 5. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn did not mince words when he spoke about Donaldson during a news conference Tuesday.

    "Tonight is the beginning of when justice will be served," Buckhorn said. "And then the process will occur, when this individual rots in hell."
  7. 6. Florida Gov. Rick Scott lauded Tampa police and condemned the shooter's "evil behavior."

    "I applaud the relentless effort of Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan, Mayor Bob Buckhorn and every law enforcement officer who has worked around the clock and over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our state is home to the world’s best law enforcement community, and on behalf of all Floridians, we appreciate their bravery and service," Scott said in a statement.

    “Last week, I visited Seminole Heights and saw firsthand the pain that these crimes have caused across the community. As a father and a grandfather, it is unimaginable what the families of these victims are going through. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them, and we will work to ensure that they receive the justice they deserve. In Florida, we have absolutely zero tolerance for this type of evil behavior and anyone responsible will be held to the fullest extent of the law.”
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