1. Here's what we know:
  2. The attack
  3. Police were called around 12:20 a.m. local time Monday to a report of a van striking people outside the Finsbury Park Mosque. Authorities said the van careened into several people as they were leaving a prayer service.
  4. "This was quite clearly an attack on Muslims who looked like they were probably Muslims and they were coming from a prayer meeting," said Metropolitan police Commissioner Cressida Dick. "We treat this as a terrorist attack and we in the Met are as shocked as anybody in this local community or across the country at what has happened."
  5. Basu said the incident was being treated as a terrorist attack.
  6. The victims
  7. The man who died was not immediately identified and it was not clear whether the attack caused his death.
  8. Authorities said he became ill and was receiving first aid in front of the mosque when the attack happened.
  9. Nine of the wounded were taken to area hospitals, according to the London Ambulance Service. All of the victims were Muslim, said Neil Basu, a senior counter-terrorism official for London's Metropolitan Police Service.
  10. The suspect
  11. Multiple media outlets have identified 47-year-old, Darren Osborne as the driver of the van.
  12. Following the incident, he was held by bystanders until nearby officers arrived.
  13. Osborne was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and transported to the hospital, investigators said. Police believe he was the only person in the van, Basu said.
  14. On Monday, police announced that he was also charged with the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder.
  15. The reactions
  16. British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke out about the "sickening" attack just before noon local time.
  17. "It was an attack that, once again, targeted the ordinary and the innocent going about their daily lives – this time, British Muslims as they left a mosque having broken their fast and prayed together at this sacred time of year," she said.
  18. "Today, we come together as we have done before – to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed."
  19. Theresa May reacts to the Finsbury Park terror attack
  20. Earlier, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the incident a "horrific terrorist attack on innocent people."
  21. Muslim Council of Britain Secretary General Harun Khan released a statement calling for "transformative action" in the wake of the incident.
  22. "Over the past weeks and months, Muslims have endured many incidents of Islamophobia, and this is the most violent manifestation to date," the statement said.
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