1. Nov. 24, 2017 6:05 PM GMT:
  2. British police said they did not find evidence of shots fired more than an hour after authorities first received calls of reported shots in the Oxford Street and Oxford Circus subway station area. Authorities said they also did not find any casualties.
  3. Authorities told those who fled and took shelter that it was safe to exit shelter areas.
  4. The Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations have reopened and service has resumed.
  5. It's still unclear what triggered the initial panic and reports of gunfire.
  6. Nov. 24, 2017 5:31 PM GMT:
  7. Reports of an incident began around 4:30 p.m. local time.
  8. Metropolitan police said in a statement that they were responding to reports of shots fired on Oxford Street and underground at the Oxford Circus subway station.
  9. "Police have responded as if the incident is terrorist related," Metropolitan police wrote in the statement. Authorities did not confirm that the incident was terror-related.
  10. British police wrote on Twitter that officers are on the scene. Authorities and transportation officials closed the Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations, evacuated the stations and instructed travelers to avoid the area.
  11. Social media users reported people running into nearby shops and pubs. The area was crowded with shoppers out for Black Friday sales.
  12. BBC reporter Helen Bushby said she saw a "mass stampede" of people running away from the station. She reported many people were screaming and crying.
  13. Authorities reported shots fired but did not report any casualties. Police said one woman sustained minor injuries while fleeing the Oxford Circus station.
  14. The city of London has been the location of four violent attacks this year. Britain's official terrorist threat level is "severe," which means a terrorist attack is considered very likely, The Associated Press reported. As a result, Britons and Londoners have been on edge.
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