1. April 1956: Actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco
  2. Kelly was an established, Academy Award-winning Hollywood star in April 1955 when she met Prince Rainier while in France for the Cannes Film Festival.

    The pair started a long-distance correspondence, and in December 1955, the prince asked Kelly to marry him.

    “They were both these wonderfully attractive people that had all this romantic charm, intelligence and wit, and coziness,” said Kelly's bridesmaid and actress peer Judith Balaban Quine in "Grace Kelly: Hollywood Dream Girl."

    "(They were) away from all public focus, walking in the woods, driving through the mountains and talking about life and values — and they fell in love,” she said.

    Kelly lived in Monaco until her death in 1982.
  3. May 1949: Actress Rita Hayworth marries Prince Aly Khan
  4. Hayworth was a well-established Hollywood starlet in 1948 when she left film to wed Prince Aly Khan, son of the Aga Khan, the Imam of Ismaili Muslims. The marriage was the third for Hayworth and the second for Khan.

    The couple’s relationship was tumultuous, according to Vanity Fair, and in 1951, Hayworth filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized two years later and Hayworth returned to film.

    The couple had one child together, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.
  5. June 1978: International urban planner Lisa Najeeb Halaby married King Hussein of Jordan
  6. Halaby, better known as Queen Noor of Jordan, was raised in Washington, D.C. She took the name Noor al-Hussein, meaning the light of Hussein, in 1978 when she converted to Islam and married King Hussein.

    The pair met in Amman after Noor took a job with Royal Jordanian Airlines, according to People magazine. Hussein was mourning the death of his third wife, Alia al-Hussein, who was killed in a helicopter crash in February 1977.

    According to People, Hussein “courted (Noor) at dinner every night for four weeks” before he proposed to her.

    “When I met Noor, everything changed,” Hussein told People. “I found life again.”

    Hussein died in 1999, when he was 63 years old, from complications of cancer.
  7. March 1959: Socialite Caroline Lee Bouvier marries Polish Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill
  8. The younger sister of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Bouvier married Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill, whose family historically controlled a Polish principality, in 1959, according to Vogue magazine. It was the second marriage for Bouvier, who is better known as Lee Radziwill, and the third for the prince.

    The couple had two children and divorced in 1974. Radziwill died two years later.
  9. June 1937: Socialite Wallis Simpson marries King Edward VIII
  10. King Edward VIII abdicated his throne in December 1936, less than a year after assuming the position, to marry Simpson. Edward was Simpson’s third husband.

    As king, Edward was also the head of the Church of England. At the time, the church did not allow people to remarry if their previous spouses were still living.

    “The idea of Edward marrying a divorcée was anathema for religious, legal, and — at the time — moral reasons,” according to Town & Country magazine.

    The decision sent shock waves around the globe and put Edward’s brother, George VI, on the throne. After his abdication, Edward was given the title His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor.

    Edward and Simpson remained married until the duke’s death in 1972. Simpson died in 1986.
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