1. Before the plunge: Image of Saturn's northern hemisphere taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Sept. 13, 2017. (NASA)
  2. Image of Saturn's outer A ring featuring the small moon Daphnis and the waves it raises in the edges of the Keeler Gap. (NASA)
  3. Saturn's A ring featuring a lone "propeller," one of many such features created by small moonlets embedded in the planet's rings as they unsuccessfully attempt to open gaps in the ring material. (NASA)
  4. The final image: Imaging cameras on NASA's Cassini spacecraft show Saturn as it looks toward the planet's night side and shows the location at which Cassini would burn up and enter the planet's atmosphere hours later. (NASA)
  5. A natural color view of Cassini's final image. (NASA)
  6. For more photos and information about Cassini’s grand finale, visit saturn.jpl.nasa.gov.
  7. You can also catch more photos from the final dive at flickr.com.
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