We all have to make mistakes

Helicopter parents' over protection becomes disastrous

  1. Boy playing with toy helicopter
    Boy playing with toy helicopter
  2. When children enter college they begin the process of becoming an adult. During this process parents, in theory, step back and allow their kids to make mistakes and begin to speak for themselves.
  3. Unfortunately some parents can still be found lingering close to their child in college. In some instances parental overprotectiveness is actually harming children and causing mental health problems.
  4. Sue Osher a worker in the admissions office at SUNY Brockport. Osher handles transfer students and has seen her share of overprotective parents.
  5. "Being overprotective can go either extreme of being not protective or being overprotective," Osher said.
  6. It is hard for parents to find the balance between the two extremes.
  7. As a parent herself, Osher understands the struggle of letting a child go.
  8. "You have to give your child, student, space to grow but at the same time you're nervous they're going to fail," Osher said.
  9. Osher dislikes seeing parents speaking for their children.
  10. “I find it very annoying because I find they’re not letting their child find out for themselves some of the process,” Osher said. “They ask questions for their child, or the student I should say, the student is more than capable of asking or getting answers themselves.”
  11. Instances in which the dean of a school deals with children who believe they have to go along a certain path are frequent lately.
  12. By asking questions for their children instead of making them go out and discover the answers themselves, parents are taking away their childrens' right to choose and decide.
  13. The bigger issue that stems from Osher's observations of these "helicopter parents" is the sheltering of children from valuable experiences which help shape them into adulthood and make decisions.
  14. Children have to be given room to make mistakes so they can grow.
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