Topeka Parking Wars...sort of

#topekatweetalong went around with 28-year parking veteran Audrey Oliver to learn the insides of the job

  1. So when I first got the idea about doing a Tweet-A-Long with parking, I pictured our traffic officers putting up with belligerent, angry people every day.
  2. You know, something like this:
  3. Parking Wars: Best of the Boot | A&E
  4. But in reality, the people of Topeka aren't that bad.
  5. That's Audrey Oliver, parking control supervisor and 28-year veteran of our parking department.
  6. You read that right. 28 years she's been in the same job, and she's still as happy today as she was back then.
  7. How's this for throwback: A parking ticket from 1998! Handwritten #thehorror
  8. Oliver said people talk to her about Parking Wars (the clip at the top) often. It's an entertaining show, she said, but not really how it goes down in TopCity. Most people know they messed up, or just need to vent and hear the parking ordinances, then they calm down.
  9. Her coworkers agreed.
  10. But that doesn't mean there isn't a negative connotation around the job. And I couldn't even as the first question before Oliver started getting the real story out there. No, she said, parking control officers aren't out there just to write tickets:
  11. We only had one interaction Wednesday, and everyone was pretty reasonable.
  12. We did give out a ticket as Oliver was showing me the different parking meters around the Capitol, though.
  13. Some local reporters got in on the fun.
  14. Wednesday we went around the parking stalls downtown. So you know: That ranges from about 3rd Street to 12th and all the way from Madison to Topeka Boulevard. We've also got some in College Hill.
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