Kids these days

#topekatweetalong followed three City staffers as they volunteered at USD501 Williams Magnet

  1. For one hour every Thursday since December, at least two members of the City's finance team volunteer at an elementary school down the road, USD 501's William Magnet.
  2. And let me tell you -- it was not what I expected.
  3. So initially I poked a little fun at Nickie Lee for saying she likes to keep up with "kids these days," but the more I spent with them, the more that saying became appropriate.
  4. I had a 1st grader ask if he could use Snapchat on my phone. He also knew what Twitter and Facebook were.
  5. Another 1st grader wrote a letter to President Obama: "You're the best president."
  6. Followed closely by a second letter to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: "I hope you don't become president."
  7. Mrs. Nelson's Kindergartners had a song to remember the days of the week -- set to the Addams Family theme song.
  8. Loved that movie. But I'm guessing it was lost on them.
  9. #this #world #is #mad#addams #family
    #this #world #is #mad#addams #family
  10. Then there was this 1st grader, who gave us a sentence that's all too real from his word shaker.
  11. And there was this fashion statement from a speedy smart Kindergartner.
  12. The program started with direction from City Manager Jim Colson, who asked department directors to pick a 501 school to partner with.
  13. Finance Director Brandon Kauffman thought volunteering at Williams Magnet would help the teachers and his staff.
  14. They all said they were grateful to get out of the office. Finance doesn't always lend itself to field work. Before today, this is all I had for a finance tweet-a-long:
  15. Unikitty Discusses Business
  16. Anyway, we had a lot of fun interacting with the kids. We helped them learn, but they definitely gave us a bright spot to remember the rest of the day.
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