I saw the sign

#topekatweetalong Wednesday went around with our sign section crew. So many #TIL in this one

  1. I'm just going to leave this right here:
  2. That's our sign section crew, Travis, Joey and Jerrod, making a street sign in house. I know. I didn't know Topeka made our own signs either. But they do. A Lot.
  3. Our sign department makes, installs and maintains almost all signs dealing with traffic control. The crew handles all our speed limit signs, stop and yield signs, even parking signs. They also make and maintain all the guide signs (like street names both on the ground and on traffic signals) AND paint our street markings (like the yellow dividing lines and crosswalks.)
  4. Say hi to the crew!
  5. A lot of the painitng work is done at night, leading to some wicked stories, but that's why you might not see them. For good reason, the paint truck only goes 10 mph. But that's for a future tweetalong.
  6. I already called shotgun.
  7. I rode around with Travis today. He's been on the job eight years now, but started out as summer help. If any college students are reading this, summer jobs with the City can and often do lead to full time jobs. So something to consider.
  8. Travis took me along while he installed a couple of street signs. I sped those up for you, too, just for giggles.
  9. Apparently, the materials cost to make the signs for ONE intersection is about $120. More than I expected at least.
  10. We're not done learning yet! Your phrase of the day: High intensity prismatic. It's the new sheeting required for our signs. It has a longer lifespan, it's brigher and can be seen from farther away. It's the white board you might have noticed in that first video.
  11. Go impress your friends.
  12. That's it for this one. I leave you with this, per my coworker Kelly Baker's first reaction to this tweetalong (and so we can all have it in our heads tomorrow):
  13. Ace of Base - The Sign (Official Music Video)
  14. Chronological tweets below!

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