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This twitter was about teachers learning how to build relationships with your students. I found it difficult to get in a twitter chat but once I got started with this twitter chat I felt like I was intrigued by the way everyone would share their opinions in a respectful manner. It was GREAT!!!

  1. Students definitely react to how you treat them on a daily basis. I like to treat my students with the upmost respect to get the best from them. I agree with @mrsevon1 that we should listen to what they have to say because at times we tend to overlook some of our students.
  2. At times, students do not have a positive role model at home. Therefore, they look at adults that are constantly in their lives as role models (e.g., teacher, administrators). I feel like this is one of the reasons why I became a teacher to help those students that are in need of a role model that will be there to listen to their life struggles, goals, and experiences.
  3. Students need intrinsic motivation. For me grades is not a big factor in motivation, some students do not care what they receive in the class just as long as they pass the class. Teachers can learn to motivate students by understanding their interests, hobbies, and goals to help motivate them.
  4. Students will always remember those teachers that are great listeners
  5. Students always look forward to going to class when the teacher is constantly thinking of how to teach a lesson that will be effective for all the students not just the students that are high level students.
  6. More money, more problems.
  7. I treat all of my students that same. Therefore, I agree with what Megan had to say because students see when teachers tend to favor a student in the class.
  8. I made sure to give Megan credit in her tweet since she is always bringing up great ideas for teachers in the #usedchat community.
  9. I love this tweet from Danny since I love building relationships with all of my students. I believe in motivating my students by getting to know them personally. What is it that makes my students click? That's the questions I always ask myself everytime I teach a lesson or plan a lesson.
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