Twitter Chat #edtechchat

During class, classmates and I became fully engaged in a chat that was about including technology in our classrooms. I was fascinated to have learned so many ideas that other teachers came up with.

  1. "Entrepreneurs should be invited into classrooms, then provide time for Ts, Ss, parents & entreps to brainstorm ideas" What a great idea that @MeganPank provided us in this chat.
  2. Here I replied to @chards74 tweet "We need to teach these skills if we want students to embrace them and for the community to invest in it." Students must adapt to the new technology that they will be presented at a workplace as well as teachers need to embrace technology to provide the students with an effective learning experience.
  3. We should apply those tools (e,g., iPads, iPhones,) that the students have in our lesson plans to making things more relevant for the students.
  4. Youtube can be educational but students need to be monitored since there is inappropriate things on Youtube.
  5. Chromebooks are a great way for the students to learn since teachers can implement lessons on the computer and have fun games that the students will learn at the same time.
  6. For those students that are not focus Youtube can be a distraction.
  7. Great article that @MsWetmoreMath found for us!
  8. It is to my surprise that students in my class do not happen to have iPhones or computer at home so at times technology can be difficult to apply in class since teachers are not provide with enough technology tools for the entire class.
  9. Social media is a great tool to have since we learn from other individuals on how to become great teachers.
  10. Every subject is as important for a student as the other because they all apply to what the world is doing.
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