The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner

In my EDSS 530 class, we were to create a Storify to get us familiar with the book "The Global Achievement Gap" by Tony Wagner. We get to choose 10 tweets (five quotes, three questions, and two connections) that are related to the book hashtagged #edss530book. Below is what I have created.

  1. Students should be able to find the answer on their own by exploring or discovering. Miss Green clarifies this in the quote she chose.
  2. Great leaders are those that are willing to fail and are not afraid to try new things. Jennifer's quote explains as well.
  3. New innovations are being designed by people that are adaptive to change and are flexible to know that times are changing. Candance's quote is a prime example.
  4. When working we do follow instructions as far as rules and regulations but now supervisors and managers are looking for people to be creative and have initiative in the workplace.
  5. Here Tara explains a survival skill that students need to learn to become successful in the real world.
  6. According to the Global Achievement Gap book by Tony Wagner, we are not but as future educators we can change that perception. Rick's question is precise because students in different countries are more prepared than students in the U.S when graduating from high school.
  7. To answer Ryan's question, I believe that it is up to the principals and superintendents to give the teachers the ability to be creative in their teachings.
  8. I don't believe traditional school is relevant to today's youth. Students are well equipped with devices that we as teachers can use to our advantage and relate some of that into our classrooms (e.g., facebook, twitter, iPhones, iPads)
  9. What a great motto to follow. Somethings are not learned in the classroom, but in places that are magical. So, it is up to teachers to inform students of what is out there in the world that they can learn that is related to the subject they are learning as well.
  10. Technology is being placed everywhere we go. Therefore, students should be able to use technology in the classroom to get acclamated to what is happening in the real world. Teachers should include assignments that will provide the students to research and find information on their own using technology.
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