Highlights from the Use of Research Evidence Meeting

The William T. Grant Foundation recently hosted over 100 researchers, policymakers, and funders to share new ideas about the role of research evidence in policy and practice. We discussed research-practice partnerships, evidence brokering, and the tension between research and politics.

  1. Many see research-practice partnerships as a promising strategy for supporting research use. But, we still need to know more about when RPPs meet their goals, under what conditions, and for whom.
  2. Evidence brokers can play an important role in the spread of evidence, as research ideas spread through networks of linked individuals and organizations. Research use is a social phenomenon!
  3. We debated: is research evidence the anecdote of politics and partisanship? Or, can research and politics be bedfellows?
  4. Finally, it's not Valentine's Day if you're not writing love notes about research evidence!
  5. Thank you to the Foundation for hosting such a generative meeting and to the attendees for the terrific conversations.
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