1. Is what I'm eating actually healthy? Do the contents of what I'm buying line up with the marketing of this product? How do I know exactly what I'm putting into my body? These, and other questions, will be addressed in the latest episode of Marketplace tonight on CBC at 8pm ET
  2. This morning on CBC News Network, morning show host Heather Hiscox asked viewers to send in pictures of their own breakfasts.

    Here are some examples...
  3. Dietician Sue Mah @suemahRD rated various breakfasts on Twitter, offering feedback to those who shared food snaps with CBC News Network.
  4. This rating of these breakfasts was just a tease of what viewers can expect on tonight's new episode of Marketplace.
  5. Visit the Marketplace website to learn more about what's on and read the summary below:
  6. "About two-thirds of us have bought premium orange juice in the past six months, many convinced by claims of pure and natural juice, which make it seem like oranges fall off the tree into the carton. But that’s not the whole story. Tom Harrington talks to juice lovers and an expert who wrote the book on OJ, revealing just how much it is processed and what the labels don’t tell you."

    Here are some more shots of what Canadians ate this morning:
  7. @cbcmarketplace will be answering all of your juice-related questions (and likely any other food-related queries on your mind) tonight, during the show at 8pm ET--- tune in!
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