1. Less than 24 hours ago, the image of a newly-installed transit map at Toronto's Downsview Station hit Reddit under the headline "The TTC really wants you to "Ride the Rocket" ;-)."

    The map, which appears to have been tweeted by a transit passenger Monday evening, shows what the busy transit hub looks like as seen from above — which, as it turns out, is a lot like a penis.
  2. Seriously. I instantly thought "That's a penis." when I saw this. Needed no time to compute.
  3. Did they really need to colour in the tip? Sweet Jesus.
  4. Well, at least we know Downsview is circumsized!
  5. Oh. I thought it was Dong Mills.
  6. I was debating between coxwell and woodbine
  7. As you can see from the comments above, Torontonian redditors had a blast with the map.

    The thread containing the image has earned so many upvotes since Monday afternoon, in fact, that it's currently in the number two position on the r/toronto subreddit (which consistently ranks as one of the most-visited city-based subreddits in existence.)
  8. As is often the case, photos of the map (and comments about how phallic it looked) started circulating on Twitter not long after it had surfaced on Reddit.

    TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CBCNews that his staff become aware of the viral image on Monday evening when someone tweeted it along with the @TTChelps customer service handle.
  9. By Tuesday morning, TTC workers had removed the map.

    While no formal complaints had been filed, Ross said the TTC decided replace the map (which was installed in December) to avoid potentially offending anyone with its shape.

    "We have an approvals process for new maps and new signage installations that, unfortunately, was not followed in this case," said Ross, noting that a new map has already been designed and that it will be installed soon.

    "I was unaware of this map," he continued. "It is not something that would have passed approval."
  10. A photo of TTC workers taking the phallic map down was also posted to Reddit on Tuesday at around 11:30 a.m., where it has since attracted more comments than the original image of the map itself.

    "This morning, the TTC removed that "map" in Downsview Station..." reads the title of the thread, which links to an image tweeted by the Toronto Sun this morning.
  11. As of Tuesday afternoon, this second thread had risen to the top of r/toronto, where one commenter posted this photo to confirm that the sign sign where the map had been at Downsview is now bare:
  12. Others are using the thread to mourn the existence of such a giggle-inspiring transit sign, congratulate themselves on making a difference (in true Reddit style,) and praise the TTC for moving so swiftly — something that likely wouldn't have been possible the days before social media went mainstream.
  13. TTC sure has changed. This wouldn't have happened this quickly 5 years ago.
  14. We did it again /r/Toronto. Good job guys.
  15. Lol, there are TTC staff on social media, it doesn't surprise me that word spread this quickly.
  16. Booooo! At least we still have Old Cummer GO station.
  17. Not to worry, it's immortalized on Reddit!
  18. The moral of the story? We're not quite sure, but the Redditor below makes a very good point (especially when coupled with this comment, which links to a Google Map showing Downsview station from above.)
  19. Sure, they can take down the map, but we're all now aware that Downsview Station is shaped like a penis regardless of how they shade the tip in.
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