1. In 25 years, The Onion has poked fun at everything from U.S. politics and the conflict in Syria, to men's messy habits and kittens.

    What did kittens ever do to The Onion? We're not sure, but their adorable existence makes them perfect for clever headlines.
  2. I love the Onion #funny #kittens #theonion
    I love the Onion #funny #kittens #theonion
  3. Case in point. 
  4. #theonion #funnybecauseitstrue
    #theonion #funnybecauseitstrue
  5. The fake news publication is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. 
  6. Two college students started The Onion in 1988 as a newspaper based in Madison, Wis. 

    "It really started as something very local that was intended mainly to ... sell pizza coupons," Editor-In-Chief Will Tracy told NPR. 
  7. Since then it has expanded into a mainstay for comedy lovers who follow its funny headlines and short satirical stories in print and online.

    With news of its birthday spreading through Twitter, some fans gave their best shots at an Onion-inspired headline or zinger of their own.
  8. NPR, formerly National Public Radio, also gave it a try in its headline to an article about The Onion's birthday.
  9. Some light morning reading #chicago2013 #theONION
    Some light morning reading #chicago2013 #theONION
  10. A precursor to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, The Onion has tackled topics both ridiculous and serious, occasionally riffing off the latest news and making nothing off limits.
  11. It's stuff like this that makes me love the Onion. #Expendables #TheOnion
    It's stuff like this that makes me love the Onion. #Expendables #TheOnion
  12. The Onion even made some of its own news when it wrote a fake editorial by (the very real) managing editor of CNN.com, Meredith Artley. 
  13. Some people took this as straight news.
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