1. The tactics in the Syrian conflict span from ground attacks to digital warfare. Insurgent groups, the Syrian government and rebels alike have plastered social media platforms with footage, first person accounts, and propaganda to direct the attention of the world to their cause.

    Using a public voice to further war campaigns or hinder governments has long been a war tactic, however the ever-changing digital world has offered up creative solutions to those seeking a soap box.
  2. A month ago, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad created an Instagram account showing the president interacting with the everyday civilians affected by the fighting.
  3. خلال تكريم أهالي التلاميذ الشهداء في المركز التربوي للفنون التشكيلية بدمشق - آذار 2013

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    خلال تكريم أهالي التلاميذ الشهداء في المركز التربوي للفنون التشكيلية بدمشق - آذار 2013 #سورية #Syria #بشار #Bashar #الأسد #الاسد #Assad
  4. Along with the Instagram account, Assad also created a Twitter account and a YouTube account filled with shiny images of a glorified Syrian state and a decorated military.
  5. الأسد.. ضابطاً وقائداً
  6. However, rebel forces have retaliated with accounts of their own. Assad-supporters have blanketed social media with brutal and grimy footage of coups -- all done in attempt to solicit attention.

    The internet has provided a space where rebel groups and insurgents can be as anonymous as they like without fear of deadly retaliation.

    Digital sites are being used as a platform to build profiles and create a brand for rebel brigades to exhibit their force and create an identifiable image. They raise funds for weapons, and supplies as well as claim responsibility and announce assassination attempts. 
  7. Meet the Free Syria Army Special Ops Unit of the Farouk Battalion 3-July-12 Aleppo - Bab
  8. YouTube channels are created to brag about victories against enemies such as this video posted by an insurgent group who blew up a Shabiha tank. 
  9. ادلب || تدمير دبابة بوادي الضيف 19-10-2012
  10. Or this video posted by an Abu el Alamein Brigade insurgent commanding officer and his troops proclaiming control over a neighbourhood.
  11. كتيبة أبو العلمين | بيان السيطرة على حي العرقوب
  12. And this video posted to YouTube by rebels showing the wounded in Qusayr, Syria, the day before the town fell to government forces.
  13. القصيرحالة البعض من الجرحى المحاصرين في مدينة القصير
  14. Facbook has also served up activists with a vast array of tools such as the Syria Updater Facebook app that takes a hold of your status field and blasts your feed with updates, news and information about the 'Syrian Revolution'.
  15. For the fighter on the go, the Syrian resistance created apps such as "Souria Wa Bas" (Only Syria) which is a mobile interactive app for iPhone and Android where subscribers can keep track of deaths in the region and access videos and audio information.
  16. In an attempt to lampoon the government, a group has formed on Facebook where anonymous Syrian cartoon artists upload the latest art in the arsenal those opposed to the revolution. 
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  18. The now-notorious group alleged to be the secret weapon of the Assad regime, the Syrian Electronic Army, has attacked social media accounts and website in the western world.

    The pro-government hacker collective has temporarily hacked popular media websites such as the Onion, the Huffington Post, the Associated Press, the BBC, and most recently the New York Times.
  19. According to the SEA, many insurgents and rebels use messaging services like Viber, Skype, and Tango for communicating.
    Acting as a watchdog, the SEA hacked Viber to announce to users that the company may be spying on their activity.
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