1. For the first time in more than 50 years of publishing an annual swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated magazine has chosen to drop a plus-sized model into its regular pool of bronzed, busty beauties.

    The American publication announced Robyn Lawley, 25, as one of its "SI swimsuit rookies" on its website today with a short blurb about her hobbies, links to her online profiles, and two photos of the Australia native wearing a bikini in an undisclosed (or perhaps Photoshopped?) mountainside location.

    The magazine wrote nothing of Lawley's size in its announcement (it's 12, by the way), but media outlets were quick to point out that, by fashion standards, she is technically a plus-sized model — the first for the swimsuit issue.

    Lawley, who describes herself as "a model beyond a size 10" in her Twitter bio, confirmed the news to her followers Thursday morning:
  2. "I never thought that this would happen to me, so this is a milestone,” said Lawley to Time about her inclusion in the issue. “When I started my career 10 years ago, I had to painfully go to castings and people would look at you and say, ‘What the hell are you doing here?’… I want to be there for the regular girls who are my size.”

    It's the model's size, however, that seems to be stirring up debates about whether or not she actually qualifies as a "historic" casting choice.

    "As a U.S. size 12, she’s the curviest model to ever appear in the edition," wrote Time. "While a U.S. size 12 would typically qualify as plus-size in the fashion industry — even though the average American woman is a size 14 — Lawley doesn’t like to focus on labels."

    Unfortunately for Lawley, her Facebook fans do.

    Hundreds of people have liked and commented upon a shot the model posted to her "Robyn Lawley Plus Size Model" fan page Thursday morning, and many of them take issue with the assertion that she is plus-sized at all.
  3. Plus size? Seriously?! Plus size models should be size 16 at least! That's insane, no wonder younger people have eating disorders if they think a size 10-12 is plus size!!! Jeez...
  4. Nice try, good effort but really SI? Plus size in her bra maybe?
  5. Go into any store and look at the regular section. It stops at an xl which is a 16/18. Then look at the plus sized section it starts at a 1x which is an 18w, She would not fit into plus sized clothing at all.
  6. this is the problem...someone actually thinks this gal is plus size....and makes our daughters think they are hippos at a size 10....destroying many generations of what could have been some very strong women...another way to keep women in their place...and the women are buying this crap ...God help us !!!!
  7. What is her body fat percentage? There is no way anyone could reasonably argue this is "plus sized".
  8. Those unhappy with how Lawley's (admittedly slim) figure is being billed need not lament, however — they'll also be able to find one model who wears a size 16 between the pages of 2015's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

    Sadly for fans of larger-than-average bikini models, however, she'll only by appearing in a paid advertisement.

    Dozens of media outlets reported today that 27-year-old Ashley Graham would be the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue's first plus-sized model — either out of confusion or because they outright reject the claim that Lawley is big enough to hold the title.
  9. Best known for her work as a lingerie model for Lane Bryant, Graham's 15-year career has included appearances in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Elle, as well as campaigns for Levi's and a slew of television talk show appearances.

    Plus-size bathing-suit company Swimsuits For All announced that Graham would be appearing in its 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue ad yesterday on Facebook, prompting hundreds of shares and congratulatory comments.
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  11. "We are entering the Curvy Girl Era and when all eyes are on the bikini babes of Sports Illustrated, it would be a great time to have the conversation about the rise of the curvy girl,” said a spokeswoman for Sports Illustrated by email to New York's CW-affiliated TV station PIX11.

    Critics are having a hard time buying the magazine's apparent new-found dedication to promoting diverse body types, though.

    The fact that Graham's photo will only be published as part of an advertisement, as opposed to in the editorial pages alongside other models selected by Sports Illustrated, has been noted at length.

    "Here’s what people are missing," wrote Stylite's Ashley Hoffman. "Sports Illustrated shouldn’t be commended for giving [Graham] a portion of the magazine. Everyone is saying the magazine 'featured' their first plus-size (give or take) model. Sure they did. Swimsuits For All paid them to. Really historical move.

    "This isn’t editorial. It’s not daring or revolutionary to sell ad pages," she continued. "The magazine is getting credit because a plus-size swimwear brand featured a plus-size model in their ad? Sports Illustrated doesn’t deserve your pat on the back."
  12. Share your thoughts on the inclusion of Lawley and Graham in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (which drops on Feb. 9, if you're interested) below.
  13. A standard plus size starts at size 14W in the US. The modeling world is a whole different story.. anything over a size 6 is considered "plus." It's ridiculous. They want the girl's to look like wire hangers to show off the clothes.. not the model, and that's the truth.
  14. How in the hell is this plus size? The fashion industry is REALLY out of touch with the real world. Size 12 is in NO WAY PLUS SIZE. This kind of thing just makes me sick! Women worry enough about their size and this just makes it worse. Even when I shop plus size catalogs the models are skinny and don't show what the clothes would look like on larger women!
  15. Steven Michael Halter shes the first "plus size model" theyve ever had. This is a joke, right?
  16. Pretty frightening that this is what a plus size model looks like.
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