1. You never know when a secret talent will pay off. Just ask Ellie Cole, the inadvertent YouTube sensation turned professional stage actress who owes her plum new gig to being caught on camera dancing at the bus stop.
  2. Eastleighs Got Talent - The Dancing Queen of the Bus Stop - Genuine Original
  3. Cole, 35, became known across the UK in April after appearing in a video clip called "Eastleigh's Got Talent - The Dancing Queen of the Bus Stop" on YouTube.

    In the clip, we see Cole subtly bopping along to the ABBA hit Dancing Queen. It was later learned that she was listening to the song Knock Down by Alesha Dixon through her headphones.

    When made aware of this fact, Dixon herself brought the video to her more than 630,000 followers' attention.
  4. It didn't take long for the Southampton secretary and joyful moves to make their way across the web. Hundreds of thousands commented on the video with words of encouragement.

    "Fantastic! Love this! Be proud! Be loud! Be heard!" wrote KnightCatz." Let yourself go girl,Carry on and be Happy! you made me a little happier today! xxxx"

    Jo-Anne Teal agreed, writing: "I cannot tell you how happy this video makes me. Whenever I'm having a bad day at work, I watch and do a little dance along with her (while sitting at my desk of course) and it relieves the stress. Long may she dance and smile and keep her inner joy intact. Thank you so much for sharing this!!"
  5. Of course, not all of the comments were positive -- especially in light of the fact that the woman who uploaded the video had filmed it without Cole's knowledge.

    "She dances opposite my café and I filmed her," wrote Jane Rowland in response to another commenter's question. "Since I posted the video, I have met her and we have become friends. She still dances every day, her name is Ellie :D"

    Rowland and Cole have since appeared together on German television shows and in various local news articles together. 

    "The whole thing has made Ellie very happy and famous, she is loving it," wrote Rowland.

    "I'm just a normal everyday person who happens to like dancing at bus stops," Cole told the Telegraph. "Still to this day I find it hard to believe what happened with the video. It's like 'wow, why me?'"
  6. The next chapter of the story is even happier.

    British playwright and director Lynne Paris happened to view Cole's dancing routine while she was casting for a show called Ah Men! at the prestigious Point Theatre in Eastleigh, U.K. She decided to invite Cole to take part in the performance.

    As it turns out, Cole is a fomer performing arts major who was forced to drop out of school for financial reasons.

    "It's very flattering and humbling," she told the Telegraph, saying that an onstage role will give her a chance to fulfil one of her dreams. "There's no doubt it's very exciting."
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