1. He played captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and now Patrick Stewart may as well be named captain of the internet.

    The actor, known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men and countless Shakespearean characters, likes to let his hair do— well, likes to entertain his followers online.

    Since joining Twitter, fans of the Stewart have seen how downright dorky the posh-voiced thespian can be.

    But his latest online share may just be the best example and possibly the best thing you’ll see on the internet today.

    In a YouTube video uploaded last night by his fiancée Sunny Ozell, Stewart teaches a free masterclass in the "quadruple take."

  2. Quadruple Take Masterclass
  3. “The first three were based on truth, on naturalism, on spontaneous, naturalistic acting,” says Stewart, 73, while Ozwell, 35, giggles.

  4. “This, the quadruple take, is in a different category of acting altogether but it’s the only one I know and you’ll be glad to hear that I don’t have anything beyond the quadruple take.”

  5. The two-minute video that looks like it was shot in a tree house has already been watched more than 400,000 times.

  6. Stewart’s no stranger to engaging (see what I did there) fans online and sending the social media world into a fun frenzy.

    Last week he visited Twitter HQ, where the team gave us this little gem on Vine.

  7. Twitter... The final frontier? These are the voyages of @SirPatStew.
  8. And just last week, he was hanging out in the woods with friend Ian McKellan and getting his first bow hunting lesson.
  9. After moving to Park Slope in Brooklyn, N.Y., buying a couple of ironic hats and trying his first ever “slice,” he’s also become a sort of hipster king. The Atlantic got a whole article out of this tweet:

  10. Stewart is clearly a fan of posing with food.
  11. And he's not one to take himself too seriously.
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