1. Razer is a company that makes luxury computers and computer peripherals. With edgy product names such as the "Death Adder" mouse and taglines like "Designed for Gaming Supremacy," they are firmly dedicated to the market of people who identify as serious video gamers.

    However, a recent online campaign is hoping to court the more playful side of Razer with a campaign to get a Razer-branded toaster made for its fans.
  2. "Give us the Razer Toaster," a Facebook fan page, popped up last week. When page creator Mark Withers posted a link to it on Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan's own page.
  3. "You get a million likes on your page and I'll make you a f****** Razer toaster," replied Tan. Consider that challenge accepted.

    So far, the page has accrued more than 13,000 likes, but it still has a long way to go.

    In the meantime, fans have posted their own mockups of the so-called Razer Toaster, including voice controls and a mechanism that emblazons unsuspecting slices of bread with Razer's logo.
  4. "I wonder if these guys will ever hit 1M Likes, cos if they do, I'll be in a ..... jam," posted Tam.

    Others continued the line of breakfast-related puns, even going so far as to posit what kind of technology would be used in a hardcore kitchen appliance.
  5. Can I save my prefered toast profiles in the cloud?
  6. your reputation if they hit 1 million and you don't make it will be TOAST.
  7. We also need customizable burn marks and USB connectivity.
  8. Here are some features I believe you should consider:Network Connectivity: So you send your toaster orders from other rooms while at a computer.Internal 'Crisping' Cam: A live feed of your bread while it's being cooked, to ensure a perfect crust ea...See More
  9. The page creator's also been campaigning on the politely named Twitter account @RazerToasterPlz, although it has only gathered a modest 54 followers at the time of writing.
  10. So if you want the perfect appliance to go with your Razer mug (which is a real thing), the Razer Toaster just might be something to look into.
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