1. Social media has this way of sometimes misinforming many people very quickly, especially when it's about a death.

    Pope Benedict, Jeff Goldblum, Lindsay Lohan, Morgan Freeman and Kanye West are just a few notable people who have been mourned before their time.
    It's not that they died before their time -- they actually haven't died yet. All of them are still alive and all have had an outpouring of affection over news of their supposed passing.

    The internet is chock-full of examples of public mourning because of false notifications spreading like wildfire.

    But in a new twist, Twitter users were in mourning this week over the loss of someone who did pass away ... except he died 367 days ago.

    #RIPNeilArmstrong was trending on Tuesday, with a lot of heartfelt messages like these lighting up the Twitterverse:
  2. Armstrong is dead, yes. But the first man on the moon died on Aug, 25, 2012.
  3. It all began when ABC News meant to update last year’s article in order to commemorate Armstrong’s death. But when it was republished, the old headline remained: “Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, is Dead.”

    Although the editors sent out a note correcting the mistake and explaining the error, one tweet is often too late to take back to the scores of followers who simply were shocked and saddened that the famous astronaut was dead.

  4. One might think that to those who profess to have been touched by the man's achievements, they might recall him dying.
  5. Of course, many people pointed that out, some being quite tongue-in-cheek about it.
  6. And some just admitted the faux pas.
  7. Have you ever believed something you saw online quickly, only to feel silly later?
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