1. We asked Canadians to share their experiences with racism and prejudice with us. We also asked Canadians to send in solutions to the discrimination many of them describe.
  2. We received a wide array of responses from those who felt they'd been the subject of abuse due to their skin colour, their heritage or the appearance of their child, to name a few.
  3. Canada has tried, for almost 150 years, to establish itself as a tolerant, diverse society.
  5. Kicking off our series of stories is Farooq Rahimi. When a man asked him where he was from, a common question to many Canadians born here, never mind immigrants, here's how the simple question made him feel:
  6. We see efforts to acknowledge and nurture multiculturalism in our literature, in our legislation and in curriculum across the country. The identity of modern day Canada is built on the idea that people from a world of different cultures peacefully co-exist.

    But how much about who we are is a myth, and how much is reality?

    Racism, be it subtle or overt, continues to be a daily experience for many Canadians.
  7. "YOU ARE SO CUTE FOR A HALFER" - Kate Toolsie's story:
  8. Kate is the mother of a beautiful young boy. When a woman noticed that Kate's husband wasn't white, their interaction turned directly to race and ethnicity:
  10. "WHAT ARE YOU?!" Eiko Toda's story:
  11. "I JUST WISH 'THEY' WOULD ACT LIKE US..." Marielle Sasaki's story:
  12. This is Khadija Zafar's story:
  13. Recently, I experienced something that I would like to share in the newspaper, to make people aware. I hope you can take the time to accommodate and help me reach this out to the public, to help bring awareness and change.

    Yesterday, I parked in Sears, Mapleview Parking lot in the "baby and expectant mothers" parking spot. I am 7 months pregnant, and I also have a sign on my rear window that says "baby on board."

    When I came back to my car, I found this note on my windshield, which stated: "You parked in a "baby" space for mothers. Tipical Islamists!"
  14. I had to read it 5 times before my eyes could believe what had just happened. HATE SPEECH, because of my identity. This person that left the note took enough time to notice my head-covering and clothing, and the car I drive yet missed my pregnant belly.

    It is really sad when such actions are taken by ignorant people. I have lived in Burlington for over 10 years, and always loved being here, but this really brought tears to my eyes. For everything that has been happening in the Parliament Hill and in Canada, it is not the fault of innocent Muslims who live according to the law to have to deal with such hatred. I have always abided by the law, and never felt violence or hate towards anyone, and seeing people hate on me because of my identity is very absurd.

    I just have one request for the person that left this note. Please do some research and learn about Islam and Muslims so you understand what we are about. Please don't let the mainstream media's twisted words affect your judgment.
  15. "TAIWAN IS NOT CHINA" Yin-Chi Lo's story:
  16. Mariam Siddiqi's story:
    I had been working for a Conservative MP for a year with full security clearance and access everywhere.
    One day, President Obama visited the House of Commons. I walked towards the lobby, as was my routine.
    The security guards that I pass every day tensed as I approached them. I flashed my card as usual and received signal to stop. I watched as all my coworkers walked by.
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