1. If there were anyone left on the internet who didn't associate Canadians with hockey before today, well... suffice to say they've been educated, thanks to this:
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  3. What you see above is the actual "national costume" worn by Canada's contestant in this year's Miss Universe pageant during a preliminary show on Wednesday evening in Miami.

    Showing an impressive amount of neck strength, 26-year-old Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner of Caledon, Ont., made it to the end of the runway and back without incurring a single injury or penalty (according to her LED scoreboard.)

    We won't know whether or not Beckenlehner's sparkly Team Canada corset or Stanley Cup hat scored Canada extra points with the judges until the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant airs on Jan. 25, but the internet is all about our home and native land's most famous hockey-dress right now.
  4. "Even wonder what would happen if Don Cherry and Lady Gaga collaborated on a costume? Wonder no more," wrote The New York Daily News after photos of the costume in action went viral on Thursday morning.

    "The outfit featured 10 hockey sticks, a scoreboard, a goal and a Stanley Cup atop a bright white wig," the Daily News continued. "While the look may not get Beckenlehner love from the judges, the folks in the Great White North have to love it. All that is missing is Wayne Gretzky."
  5. Others around the web poked fun at the costume — because honestly, how could they not?

    In a piece called "Miss Canada: What hockey stereotype?" TMZ wrote "Apparently, the costume shop was all out of the other classic Canadian outfit — jeans with jean shirt with jean jacket."

    Uproxx provided its readers with a thorough rundown of every element contained within the ensemble, giving particular attention to the giant scoreboard worn behind Beckenlehner's head.

    "The best and most confusing thing about this costume, by far, is the fact that score of the game appears to be 20-14. 20-14! That’s so many goals! And the third period just started!" wrote Uproxx.
  6. "They’re on pace for a score of, like, 28-19! That would mean both teams broke the record for most goals in a single game! What happened to the goalies? Did they die? Did Miss Canada kill them with one of the 11 sticks on her person? I desperately want to see this fictional game now. It must have been chaos."

    Twitter users continue to both hail and mock the costume today as a set of photos posted to Beckenlehner's Facebook page from Wednesday night make the rounds.
  7. According to a blog post on Miss Universe Canada's website, the kitschy costume was designed by the "talented Canadian film and television costume designer Alex Kavanagh."

    The organization wrote the following of Kavanagh's creation:

    "The concept for the costume is to pay respect to the sport of Ice Hockey. It truly is a sport that defines Canada. All across the country, on frozen backyard ponds, community rinks and in state-of-the-art arenas, Canadians are playing this national winter sport. It is one of our most celebrated pastimes! The game is invariably tied to our collective sense of what it means to be Canadian and is perhaps our most identifiable icon. There is no greater force that unifies Canadians than hockey. It brings together communities and it teaches our children the meaning of dedication to sport and teamwork. Most importantly however, it shows the pride we have for our country! Hockey is a part of our national identity and culture!"
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  9. While many appear to love the idea, Canada's National Costume round entry has not rolled out without generating its fair share of criticism.

    Some on Twitter have said that they feel Beckenlehner's costume mocks Canadian culture.
  10. What do you think of Miss Canada's um, hockey fairy (?) look? Share your opinion in the comment section below, or by tweeting us at @CBCCommunity.

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