1. As excited as film buffs may be about the results of last night's Golden Globe Awards, it's rarely who won what that gets people buzzing online during a major awards show.

    Televised Hollywood galas always seem to provide the internet with at least a few controversial, cringe-worthy or otherwise clickable moments to riff on — often via scripted jokes or, if Twitter's lucky, an unusual celebrity wardrobe choice.

    Comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who hosted the 2015 Golden Globes for their third and final time together last night, did a bang-up job of dishing out tweet-worthy material during their opening monologue.

    Among the duo's many zingers were a few good-humoured jabs at stars like George Clooney and Jared Leto, as well as some timely jokes about the Sony hack, North Korea and the treatment of women in Hollywood.

    As many had predicted, the ongoing sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby did get some play during the monologue — and while some of those in the audience (and most certainly on Twitter) were shocked by the joke, it still didn't prove to be the show's most controversial bit.

    This year, that designation went to a character played by comedian Margaret Cho.
  2. "Cho Yung Ja," who was described by The Associated Press as "a stern, goose-stepping North Korean Army general," appeared several times throughout the broadcast to express her displeasure with the Golden Globes and with American entertainment in general.

    "In North Korea, we know how to put on a show," said Cho, who was introduced to the audience as a journalist for Movies Wow! magazine and a new member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

    "This is not a show," she continued. "You no have thousand baby playing guitar at the same time. You no have people holding up many cartoon to make one big picture. You no have Dennis Rodman. No basketball at all."

    Later, she asked to have a picture taken with Meryl Streep — a request that Fey and Poehler beckoned Streep to comply with so that no more "embarrassing emails" get out.
  3. After Cho's character was introduced, many of those on Twitter who were watching the 2015 Golden Globes started chattering about what they thought of the gag.
  4. Some decried the bit as racist almost immediately, saying that Cho's own Korean heritage still shouldn't permit her to perpetuate "Asian stereotypes."
  5. Others were simply offended that the network had allowed anyone to make jokes at the expense of North Korea, where people are said to be suffering under extreme poverty and a "bleak human rights situation."
  6. Many rushed to the comedian's defense, however, some of them to point out that Cho has a history of tackling racial stereotypes with her work and that this was not the first time she'd played a North Korean character negatively on network television.

    30 Rock fans may remember Cho as former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il on the television comedy in 2011 (she also later returned as his son, Kim Jong-Un.)
  7. 30 Rock - North Korean Weather
  8. Defenders of the bit also reiterated that Cho's character was meant to be satirical, and suggested that perhaps those who were offended by it should re-think their views on comedy and the meaning of racism.
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