1. staring contest. BUB vs GRUMPY. NOW.
  2. The most exciting thing to happen at this year's Internet Cat Video Film Festival (which yes, does exist) took place away from the heart of the action with the meeting of two feline titans in a Minnesota hotel room.

    Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat faced off for the first time ever IRL, despite holding strong together at the top of many "most famous cat" lists for much of the past year.
  3. The entire exchange was captured in a series of Vines and images, which we will present to you now without comment.
  4. there you have it. BUMPY? GRUB?
  5. The new friends went on to compete against eachother for prestigious Golden Kitty awards at the festival.
  6. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, was declared the winner.
  7. 2013 Golden Kitty Winner-@RealGrumpyCat #catvidfest #walkerartcenter #meowtastic
    2013 Golden Kitty Winner-@RealGrumpyCat #catvidfest #walkerartcenter #meowtastic
  8. But Lil Bub was gracious, and despite their less-than-thrilled-looking expressions, both cats took the time to play nice and meet with fans.
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