1. CBC readers across Canada are reacting the temporary suspension of thirteen Dalhousie University dentistry students. The students were part of a controversial Facebook group (The Facebook group Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen is sexually explicit and appeared to involve discussions of female classmates.)
  2. Dal protest rally #Dalhousie #DalhousieDentistry @sydneyhenry95
    Dal protest rally #Dalhousie #DalhousieDentistry @sydneyhenry95
  3. "The faculty of dentistry’s academic class standards committee's ...] powers include the authority to create remediation plans where warranted, and to recommend academic dismissal," said a statement released by Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone and Dr. Thomas Boran, dean of the faculty of dentistry.
  4. The students have been temporarily suspended from clinical activities pending consideration by the faculty of dentistry’s academic standards class committee.
  5. #dalhousiehateswomen #dalhousie #NovaScotia #dds #dalhousiedentistry #dalhousiemedicalschool
    #dalhousiehateswomen #dalhousie #NovaScotia #dds #dalhousiedentistry #dalhousiemedicalschool
  6. The decision to suspend the men was made December 22.
  7. If they don't expel these guys, fine... let them graduate, but publicize their names so that patients can decide whether or not they actually want to go to a dentist who thinks it's funny to joke about drugging a woman and hate raping her.
  8. "Worried about self-harm"??? No mention of the intended targeted victims and the trauma induced by such threats??? It bothers me to no end that the brightest young men that could possibly get a higher education in this country were of this caliber and the guilty have more rights than the victims...Having said that I wonder what their law faculty has to say...
  9. Half-hearted approach to a serious issue. Suspend them from school or forever taint the reputations of those male students who never took part. Expel them or you are putting your female students and staff in a dangerous environment. Another example of excusing "boys" from their behavior at the expense of everyone else's safety.
  10. It's a bit much to expect the women who were the targets of the group's misogyny to slap on smiles and sit next to these fellows in class and in labs. Surely this will effect the women's educations if they are forced to do so.
  11. They need to spend the next year in counseling and taking courses about the damage they have caused and why it is not a joke when discussing how to cause emotional and physical harm to someone else. If they were lacking science, math, or writing skills, they would be required to take additional courses to fill in that void. They are lacking empathy and manners and humanity so a few courses should be added to their requirements for graduation.
  12. What a joke. They should be expelled. We will hear of one of them, one of these days, seriously hurting someone or even worse. Sad that the criminals are usually the ones that are protected.
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