1. He may boast all the trappings of your typical birthday jester -- an oversized bowtie, a colourful suit and a big shiny bouquet of balloons -- but this clown is far from funny to the people whose homes he stands outside of at night.

    That's right. He's one of those clowns.

    Meet the Northampton Clown: a mysterious local turned viral sensation hailing, it appears, from the small town of Northampton, England.
  2. Numerous residents have spotted the clown around town since Friday the 13th. He simply waves to them with a blank expression on his face, which only adds to the creepy factor according to those who've taken to social media on the subject.
  3. According to local reports, the clown recently knocked on someone's door and offered to paint their window sills, despite having no painting equipment with him.
  4. Further spooking out the residents of Northampton is the clown's resemblance to the Pennywise clown in the 1990 film Stephen King's It.
  5. The clown himself, or someone posing as the clown, has taken to the web himself in an attempt to connect with community members.

    A Facebook page called "Spot Northampton's Clown" popped up Friday evening and now boasts more than 45,000 likes. "Can you spot me around Northants?" reads the one-line description. 

    Apparently, several people have. 
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  8. And some of the more coulrophobic among them are using the page as a forum to vent.

    "You've been spotted now get out of the clown suit and start acting like a grown up that you supposing are and stop scaring people as some people do have real fears of clowns and you are terrorising them despite what you may say." wrote commenter Kelly Keen.

    "I'd run you over if I saw you... And if I had a car," wrote Richard Neeves.
  9. But for all of the hate he's getting, many locals are supportive of the clown, hailing him for bringing some attention to the mid-sized borough.
  10. If the Facebook page's moderator is indeed the same person appearing on the streets of Northampton, his intentions are not to frighten people. "It's not me in the papers. I don't terrorise people I just want to be spotted," reads a Friday update. 

    On Sunday he wrote, "Too much hate not enough love. No, I don't have a knife on me! That's just stupid rumours spread by stupid people. I'm also 'not' on twitter as it confuses the heck out of me. However, I might go for a jog around that pond in Abington park later as I'm really unfit... See you around! Beep Beep!" 
  11. So much buzz has risen around the Northampton clown that local police responded to the rumours on Twitter.
  12. Meanwhile, the clown is achieving meme status around the world as the butt of many visual jokes.
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