1. The Inevitable Timelapse of the Salvagin...
    The Inevitable Timelapse of the Salvagin...
  2. It took 19 hours, several hundred salvage workers, and up to $825 million, but the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise ship has finally been pulled upright from its side in the waters off of Tuscany.

    The massive endeavour to right the wreck began Monday, more than 20 months after the luxury cruise liner crashed into a reef and partially sank, killing 32 people.
  3. The 115,000-tonne  ship is now completely upright thanks to modern engineering techniques and a procedure called parbuckling that had not yet been attempted on such a large vessel.

    The maritime salvage operation is said to be the costliest of all time -- but it also, perhaps, one of the most impressive. 
  4. Many eyes were on Italy yesterday as crews worked to raise the luxury liner. 

    Live blogs and video streams were running across many major media outlets yesterday, but now, as the ship is hauled away, the web reflects upon the accomplisment in the best way it knows how.
  5. Animated gif makers have turned to the humble, yet powerful image type to show audiences just how spectacular the Costa Concordia salvage was. The raising can be seen in seconds this way, as opposed to minutes or even hours, as in the case of traditional time-lapse videos.
  6. For all of the fascinating salvage imagery, however, many are remembering the victims of the Costa Concordia tragedy -- including two victims whose bodies were never recovered from the wreck.
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