1. Late night talk-show host David Letterman announced he would be retiring in 2015 during a taping of Thursday's Late Show. Social media was filled with tributes to Letterman's legacy, but also with talk about who would replace him in the coveted 11:30 slot.
  2. CBC News Network this morning asked viewers to weigh in on the topic.
  3. Many in the CBC Community agreed that it's time for another woman to give late-night TV a go, although there was disagreement on who that should be.
  4. Yes. Tina Fey to replace him.
  5. Enough with all the men hosting late night major network talk shows. Chelsea handler should be the one to replace him.
  6. It's time for a woman to host a late night program, (other than chelsea handler).
  7. Some thought that the host of The Late Late Show, which follows Letterman's show, would be his natural successor.
  8. Craig Ferguson please!
  9. I just want to know: Is Craigyferg taking over?
  10. Dave is the best, certainly the true successor to Carson, who wanted him to host The Tonight Show, not Jay Leno. Fallon is the worst late night host I have ever had the displeasure to see. I hope Craig Ferguson is Dave's successor.
  11. Some felt that Conan O'Brien, who took over Letterman's Late Night show on NBC when he moved to CBS, would better fit the bill.

    O'Brien was briefly the host the NBC's Tonight Show but left the job in a high-profile dispute with the network and Jay Leno.
  12. Conan should take over .. he'd kill Fallon
  13. Others disagreed.
  14. And other names were bandied about to be the new host of The Late Show.
  15. But, in the end, some felt that Letterman's shoes would be too big to fill.
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