1. Ticket system for pot possession pushed by some Tories http://t.co/akblWEouYT http://t.co/PaeYLsTnb7
    Ticket system for pot possession pushed by some Tories t.co/akblWEouYT t.co/PaeYLsTnb7
  2. On Wednesday, Justice Minister Peter MacKay told reporters on Parliament Hill the Conservative government is looking at potentially changing policy to let police officers issue tickets to people caught with small amounts of pot instead of laying charges.

  3. The story sparked a fiery debate on our website and on social media.
  4. Some readers applauded the news.

    CBCNews.ca reader 100fires jokes, "Good to see the Conservatives reconsidering their previous position on pot. I know something that would help them really open their minds and think creatively."

    "That makes more sense," writes MASSEY JONES. "No reason to fill up jails with people who choose to smoke funny cigars. Different of course for those who grow and deal with the stuff."

  5. Good Grief. . . "YES". . . Long over Due, now that the US is going much further we will follow one step behind like a dog on a leash.
  6. The criminalization of marijuana accomplishes only one thing: funding organized crime.Anything that moves us away from that, I approve of.
  7. So, you mean, like end Prohibition? Radical!
  8. Hurry up already.. Because alcohol can be controlled and maryJ can't.. Show me rum & vodka helping ppl in a hospital. Marijuana eases pain while alcohol creates pain in many forms
  9. But others don't think it goes far enough.

    CBCNews.ca reader itsunbelievable says, "Writing tickets for pot will not decrease teenagers from doing pot and will probably increase the use since the criminals are still controlling the supply. If it was legalized the distribution would be controlled and made harder for teenagers to obtain. As usual Harper is out of step with the world."

    Terry C writes, "Pot needs to be removed from the Criminal Code. Period. End of story. The idea that pot should be in the same category as cocaine, heroin and meth is absolutely absurd. Especially in light of the fact that alcohol, tobacco and dangerous pharmaceuticals are freely available to the public."
  10. Just decriminalize it and save us taxpayers a lot of money.
  11. For a start, maybe; however, full legalization is the best fiscal choice
  12. I don't smoke it, but I certainly don't want young children or adults to be criminalized because of pot. Even my 80 year mother didn't want to see people criminalized for smoking pot. Legalization and taxation, and less for profit prisons.
  13. Others criticized the Conservative government for the about-face in their stance on pot laws.

    CBCNews.ca reader renfrew1 writes, "Of course the chiefs of police have been saying this for years, but only now is it convenient for the Conservative government to state that the chiefs are favourable to the proposal - as if it's the Cons idea."

    The Absurdist says, "Who cares. This is not meant to meet the needs of Canadians, who favour legalization for minor amounts, this is meant to meet the political needs of the Conservatives, who are very scared of the young Trudeau and his progressive popular ideas."

    "This incompetent government is grasping at straws now in order to try and sway the pot heads their way but it will never happen," writes CONSbeware. "Burnt too many bridges and pissed too many people off to get away with this scam."

    KarlSchmid says, "What a bunch of hypocrites, tough on crime!!! until they feel the breath of the Liberals breathing down their necks."
  14. First the Conservatives say that this is a dangerous drug that will ruin the lives of all children - now they say they're just going to hand out a ticket for it.Stop the Harper Hypocrisy: legalize, tax and regulate it like alcohol.
  15. So funny...all of a sudden the cons want to embrace weed! Not too obvious...
  16. Trying to tap into the majority who feel sentencing is too harsh right now for possession of small amounts. Their usual hard line stance isn't resonating well and their own laws they passed in 2012 are the cause.
  17. Trying to neutralize the Liberal platform. And you wonder why Trudeau doesn't say much? The Tories, lacking in any originality of their own, will steal anything if they think it will get them the next election. They'll even steal the election. We already know that.
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