1. Sadly expelling them will do nothing to correct their attitude or behaviour. They should be allowed to stay in school but should be required to undergo counseling and perform community service that would help them to better understand why their attitude towards women is so wrong.
  2. Expulsion is one possible punishment for a group of students at the the faculty of dentistry at Dalhousie University who are allegedly involved in offensive comments posted to a Facebook page.
  3. I really do hope they get expelled. That behaviour is disrespectful to not only women but the dentistry profession.
  4. Dalhousie University president Richard Florizone said both formal or informal ways to deal with students who posted sexually explicit and demeaning comments on the group called the Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen could be explored in this scenario.
  5. "It's a very serious circumstance for all concerned," he said. "I think I share the reaction of the entire Dalhousie University community, which is that we're disappointed. This kind of commentary is entirely unacceptable."
  6. Dalhousie’s clinic policy and procedures manual for dental students and faculty references the Canadian Dental Association’s code of ethics in responsibilities to the patient:
  7. "To emphasize, the dentist's primary responsibility is to the patient. In fulfilling this responsibility, the dentist shall uphold the honor and the dignity of the profession and shall adhere to professional codes and obligations as well as the required applicable legislation."
  8. These are not future professionals! Treat them like they wanted to treat women - take away their future!
  9. The sexually explicit content was posted by male dentistry students on a page called “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen" (The page was taken down last week.)
  10. In one post, the Facebook page members were polled and asked, “Who would you hate f–k?” and were given two names to vote on.
  11. Then, in another post, a woman was shown in a bikini with the caption “Bang until stress is relieved or unconscious (girl).”
  12. They joked about drugging and raping women. And they are due to become persons in positions of authority with the use of sedatives.... yeah. They cannot be allowed to practice.
  13. Florizone says Dalhousie Dental School has postponed some remaining fourth-year exams and will reschedule them in January. Florizone cited anxiety amongst students as the cause.
    Expect a more clear response including steps the university plans to take by the end of the week.
  14. A Change.org petition has been created asking President Florizone to expel the students who participated in the Facebook group:
  15. Some CBC readers suggested a rehabilitation lead solution would be the most productive method:
  16. I think a more appropriate response would be a suspension as well as mandatory volunteer work with women who have been sexually abused. Might open their eyes and not completely ruin their lives over some very stupid comments. Im not saying its not a serious issue, but punishing these people who very obviously have some problems isnt the answer. We should be trying to rehabilitate these guys into productive human beings, not forcing them to be angry and bitter and causing them to (god forbid) act on their flawed view of women and the world. Just my 2 cents on the situation.
  17. greyhounds2011
    I do agree this is a terrible thing to happen but expelling them at this point would be a waste of their potential and the amount of work the professors and others put in to teaching these individuals. Perhaps a better solution would be to require the students involved to serve a mandatory number of hours volunteering their time to provide FREE dental care for individuals who may not have the means, locally and nationally.
  18. One would think they'd have more common sense in this case. It's one thing to admire but to want to sexually assault someone? Betcha they wish they could take that social networking offline. Geesh, what were you thinking?
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