1. Makayla Sault, the 11-year-old Ontario First Nation girl who refused chemotherapy to pursue traditional indigenous medicine and other alternative treatments, died Monday after suffering a stroke on Sunday.
  2. "Surrounded by the love and support of her family, her community and her nation … Makayla completed her course. She is now safely in the arms of Jesus," her family said in a statement published by the Two Row Times.
  3. CBC readers shared their thoughts on Makayla's life and death.

    Sault's story garnered national headlines while igniting a debate about the validity of indigenous medicine, and the rights of children to choose their own treatment.
  4. In fact, CBC received a flood of response about this story, which seems to have touched a nerve with Canadians:
  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to Makaylas family. I can't imagine your heartbreak
  6. Brave little girl. May she rest in peace. And may her parents be allowed to grieve the loss of their child without judgement and hostility from strangers.
  7. I lost an 11 year old to cancer and we had no options. It was chemo and an amputation .It was hell for her. She did not want the trea\tment and faught like a tiger. There were . times when it took 6 nurses to hold her down. while they forced the IV's into her arm. I would have ended the torture had I been allowed.. There are worse things than dying. and a parents betrayal is one of them. I have nothing but sympathy and understamding for her family and kind thoughts for Makayla..
  8. RIP Sweet Heart. My thoughts are with the family and friends
  9. I wish the best for Makayla's family. They need some peace. Their choice for their daughter's medical care is their choice. Something that everyone put in their position would want. Health care should be focused on the " care" part and support patients in their journey instead of forcing one size fits all protocols on everyone. We haven't evolved to understand the human experience yet.
  10. A little girl has lost her life here and a family has lost a child, show some compassion , what is wrong with people....RIP little one, deepest sympathy to the family.Everybody has there own way of healing and beliefs.Not the time for criticism. Time for respect
  11. Just read some of these mindless comments. ..unless you have had chemo or cancer for that matter you have no room to judge. ..age is not a factor in this decision
  12. A young lady has just lost her life , her family have a huge whole in their heart & and all you ignorant people can do is come on to fb and criticize ... shame on all of you, if you can express empathy for the family then stay the hell off fb and keep you stupid opinions to yourself
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